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The Head Honchos

The Head Honchos

Jc Sodani

Mr. J. C. Sodani

Mr. Jagdish Chandra Sodani has made significant contribution in creating Sodani group utilizing his vast experience in multiple businesses of explosives, mining, textiles, building materials, Chemicals and more than 30 years of exposure in Granites and marble.
At the age of 65, he is albeit assiduous, ardent and agile in his work. He has moved to Vietnam for managing marble business affairs of the company. He epitomizes the dauntless entrepreneurial spirit Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born. His sterling leadership qualities, remarkable foresight, prodigious capacity to motivate and trust people will continue to guide and inspire future generations.

Mr. Dilip Sodani

As a successful industrialist, he possesses all individual qualities - an acute mind, persevering and a large dose of gumption that is required to make the dash to victory. He holds degree in science stream and swiftly able to grasp on the technical matters. Today he is expert in the procurement of raw granite and marble blocks. His keen interest and caliber for 20years in mining and production has made his professional journey of great stature. He is not only conversant with the production and mining but he is also adept in the operations and marketing functions because he has built wide network in the domain of Natural stones.

Mr. Pradeep Sodani

The youngest and energetic clad who has gained a wealth of knowledge and guide lines from his father and brothers is successively driving the granite mines and factory independently since 15 years. His educational background (MBA Marketing) helped him a lot in developing market strategies. He is always ready to face challenges and learn more and more.

Mr. Mukesh Samdani

Mr. Mukesh Samdani is the managing partner at Dev International. He is also involved in other business of Food industry , Bullion and Metal Scrap. He takes care of accounts, legal and finance activities of the company. He has the knack of the planning, funding, adapting to various situations.

Ms. Anuradha Sodani

The synonym of International Marketing she has done her MBA in Marketing. She has been the core of the company when it comes to marketing. Her strategies have always produced to be positive in the growth of the company as need as the customer.
She believes "Success is a journey and we have just begun".

Mr. Madhusudan Taparia

Mr. Madhusudan Taparia is a Rajasthan based resource professional with qualification in geology and engineering residing in China for the past 17 years . He is actively involved in development strategy, since inception. His belief that every business is build on trust and goodwill has proved him right ,the company has earned and marked a niche in the Chinese market. The company first flapped its wings in China and then reached globally.

With the expertise of stalwarts in their respective fields, the group is ushering onto the path of accelerated growth.