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Dev Marble


Marble is a non-foliated, granular metamorphic rock. That is formed by the metamorphism of limestone and dolostone. In the global market Marble is one of the seven natural stones which have a massive demand. Marble has long been highly valued for its beauty & strength; Marbles are suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Construction marble is a stone which is composed of calcite, dolomite or serpentine which is capable of taking a polish. It adds grace to the appearance of floors, walls, table tops etc. It radiates an aura of fabulous charm in the ambience of a monument. Marble brings a touch of gleaming charm, prosperity and delight in residential & commercial complexes through its imperial magnificent look.

Marble floor tiles are also used for both interior and exterior flooring applications. Marble tiles are used for bathrooms, entrances and fireplaces, living & dining areas. Some of the different colors of marble are white, red, green, pink, grey, mottled and banded.
We are the suppliers & exporter of marble tiles, marble slab, white marble, marble floor tiles.

Marble is available in Polished & Tumbled finish.

Black Gold
Coffee Brown
Green Rainforest Marble
Katni  Green Marble
Katni Pink
NH Green Marble
Paloda Pink Marble
Plain Green Marble
Rain Forest Gold
Udaipur Green Marble
Yellow Panther Marble
Jaisalmer Yellow

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